‘ELT Without Limits’, the second conference at Izmir Katip Çelebi University, took place on September 11th 2015. Due to the publicity generated, this soon moved from being a second local conference to an international one. Presentations were given by teachers from all over Turkey and also from Georgia. The plenary speakers on that day were Paul Johnson (Macmillan Education) and Steve Darn (Oxford University Press). From our School of Foreign Language, also speaking on that day were the following: Nazlı Civelekoğlu, who presented a case study of non-Turkish language teachers; Kevser Özdemir, on the impact of reflective peer observation; Vildan Sakarkaya, on blended learning; Olesia Zakharchuk, on problems faced by Turkish learners of Russian; Nida Fidanboy, on student preferences for feedback on their written work. Closing remarks on the conference were made by Dr. Wayne Trotman.


Başa Dön